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I of the Enemy

I of the Enemy is a unique real-time strategy game that focuses on a strong campaign story and tactical fighting as opposed to seeing who can collect resources the fastest.
Title Date
Tutorial File for IOE:RC Aug 15, 2005
Play Audio Trailer Aug 15, 2005

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Enemy Technology
Aug 15, 2005

I of the Enemy (IOE) is a unique experience of sci-fi wargaming and innovative gameplay for single player offline or up to 8 opponents battling over the internet or a LAN.

In a distant sector of deep space, war is raging!

Alien races have been bitterly fighting for supremacy of their universe. An Alliance has formed between the lowly Lokob, the physically imposing Rag'ha and the technologically advanced Y'dray, in an attempt to stem the onslaught of the menacing Unath. The Unath are said to have invaded this star system in a quest to maintain supplies of a chemical which is the basis for their technology and is found in the bodies of all of the Alliance races. Needless to say, you don't want to be taken prisoner! So the Lokob put up with their second-class citizenship because victory over the Unath only seems possible with the help of the Y-dray and their knowledge. The player is a Lokob officer who holds the exhalted title of "Commander of Armies" and is in charge of his race's contingent. Colonel Verkkal (voice talents of Ian McNeice, famed for his role as Baron Harkonnen in Dune) is his trusted friend and Field Commander. Emphasis in this game has moved away from gathering, mining and building, and instead concentrates on interesting tactical problems.

Strategic combat thinking to survive!

Combat takes place on 3 planets - Ackinaen, Eylea and Gha'adath - all with varying terrain and challenges. You may also choose to build your own planet with the map editor. Realistic facets of combat include reinforcements arriving according to an Order-of-Battle (which may be misleading due to poor intelligence), via a temporal gate or port facility. Indirect fire weapons (artillery) targeted by spotter units discourage fixed defenses. Each unit advances in experience, toughness and morale rating, visibly changing through 4 stages: Green, Veteran, Crack & Elite, and can be carried forward to the next exciting missions as a trusted member of your team. "Advanced" units acquire heavier weapons or equivalent combat advantages.

25 missions on 3 different planets present huge challenges!

Success in battle is achieved through maneuver rather than larger quantities of units. This makes it more important for players to achieve favorable match-ups, rather than just waiting for overwhelming numerical superiority.

The 25 Campaigns present real-life tactical challenges (convoys, convoy intercepts, delaying actions) where often annihilation is not possible with the force provided, and victory is measured in terms of delay or other inconvenience inflicted on the enemy. Use your light and heavy infantry, direct and indirect fire units, engineer and sapper vehicles, plus ground attack fighters and logistical airborne re-supply transports with multiple team identities.

You eat, sleep, and fight ... as a team!

Assess your strengths and probe your enemy's. Hit him where he is the weakest, but don't sit and wait for the counter-punch! Maneuver warfare is the key!IOE includes an intriguing storyline with many unexpected twists, taking place in a highly developed game universe. The units you have advanced to the higher "Crack" or "Elite" levels may be brought along from battle to battle as Verkkal and your cadre endure the hardships of combat and become an efficient and lethal team. When the campaign is complete, and after some well deserved drinks to swap sea stories, you and your group of battle-hardened veterans may proceed to further combat against other experienced groups in multi-player games via a LAN or the Internet (GameSpy). But don't try it without bringing along the advanced capabilities of your campaign tested comrades!