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Maximum-Football 2.0

Maximum-Football 2.0, a release from the acclaimed sports management video game studio, Wintervalley Software, allows players to experience the thrill of managing a team in any league!
Title Date
[PC] Installer v2.2.70 Mar 19, 2006
[PC] Update v2.2990 Mar 08, 2006
[PC] Update v2.2.90 Sep 10, 2008

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Wintervalley Software
Sep 21, 2007
PDF E-Book, Printed - Black & White
Individual (People, Planes, Tanks, etc.)

Maximum-Football 2.0 is a release from the acclaimed sports management video game studio, Wintervalley Software. Like its predecessor, Maximum-Football 2.0 allows players to experience the thrill of managing a team in any league from pee-wee to all-pro. Bringing a whole host of new features, upgrades and improvements, Maximum-Football 2.0 delivers on gameplay and fun like a bullet pass through double coverage.

Design and play in leagues where you pick the size and layout. Play against others in user created leagues. There is no limit to how far you can take Maximum-Football 2.0. Get down and dirty with the editor as you create new plays and playbooks, design your own uniforms and helmets, and even select nicknames to appear on jerseys.

Play routes are created via drawing command points and assigning scripted commands to each point. No longer are you restricted to selecting from half dozen hard coded routes. Newly created routes can be saved to templates for use in other plays.

Maximum-Football 2.0 is the football fans dream. Whether you are a head coach or an armchair quarterback, Maximum-Football 2.0 has the features for you.


- Many brand new or improved player animations

- Custom camera angles for replay viewing 

- Snow and Rain have new effects (the rain leaves little splashes on the turf)

- Game as a completely new lighting system

- Now fully supports the Xbox 360 Controller New Depth Chart system

- The Depth chart is now slot based to take advantage of the new player break down

- Vastly improved pass and run blocking, defensive man-2-man coverage, and zone coverage

- A brand new almanac of past champions and defunct teams in the leagues screens 


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