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Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm

Welcome to Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm, a 3D tactical wargame which combines a historical campaign with highly detailed models of both units and terrain and realistic gameplay.
Title Date
[PC] Installer v1.12 Jan 20, 2006
[PC] Update v1.13 Nov 16, 2006

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Koios Works
Jun 29, 2006
World War II
Eastern Europe
Turn-Based WEGO
Traditional PBEM
PDF E-Book
Individual (People, Planes, Tanks, etc.)

Winter, 1942 - Germany's 6th Army is surrounded and trapped in Stalingrad.  Their supplies are short, their mobility limited, and Soviet attacks probe their lines on a daily basis.  In a desperate and ill-conceived plan, Germany would attempt to rescue the 6th Army by advancing seventy-five miles in the winter starting with only two Panzer Divisions.  With time, weather, and terrain against them they would engage the enemy with little or no intelligence on enemy forces in a vain attempt to save their comrades.

Meanwhile, Soviet patience and operational success had created the first major defeat for the German Army in the encirclement of Stalingrad.  The Soviet Generals now look to complete their operational victory through the death of 6th Army and exploit it with a major second offensive aimed at cutting off and destroying an entire German Army Group.

Welcome to the setting of Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm, a new 3D tactical wargame which combines a historical campaign with highly detailed models of both units and terrain and realistic gameplay. 

Drive forward into the frozen steppes as Germany in a race against time as you attempt to rescue the 6th Army or as the Soviet forces throw back the German attack and seal 6th Army's fate.

Panzer Command doesn't just look pretty, it plays pretty too.  It is a simultaneous turn based game with each turn lasting 80 seconds, split into two phases.  Position, movement, and line of sight are recalculated every millisecond to bring a high level of realism to the battlefield.  Terrain is calculated every meter and influences tactics in all respects.  A variety of historical armored vehicles and infantry units are modeled, with a focus on the forces of the 6th Panzer Division and the 7th Tank Corps. 

The Eastern Front has never looked this good - the only way to get closer to history would be to spend a very cold winter outside Stalingrad.  Panzer Command:  Operation Winter Storm is another fine game from Koios Works.

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