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Strategic Command WWII: War in the Pacific

Fury Software completes its trilogy of WWII games with Strategic Command - WWII: War in the Pacific, enabling you to re-fight the great land and naval campaigns of this amazing theater. Are you ready to avenge the Day of Infamy?

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Fury Software
English, French, German, Spanish
World War II
PDF E-Book

A Day of Infamy
Our flagship campaign begins with the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on the 7th December 1941 and the rapid expansion of Japan’s Empire into South East Asia and the Pacific. Will victory be won in India, Australia, Hawaii, or battling for islands throughout the Pacific Ocean? This is your chance to re-fight the 20th century’s greatest conflict in the Pacific!

Strategic Command - WWII: War in the Pacific and its flagship 1941 Day of Infamy campaign comes with an impressive 36,000 hex map, providing you with the opportunity to wage war from India and Burma in the west, via the Dutch East Indies, Malaya, the Philippines, Guadalcanal, the Kokoda Trail, Iwo Jima, Tarawa and Midway to the west coast of North America, at an approximately 80km/50mi scale.

Tora! Tora! Tora!
While Japanese Carriers are launching their first strikes on US Battleships at Pearl Harbor, amphibious operations are underway elsewhere, as Allied forces throughout the Pacific and South East Asia come under attack. The fighting will stretch from Hong Kong to Burma, Malaya, the Dutch East Indies, Borneo, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and beyond, possibly even into Australia, India or New Zealand.

Meanwhile, a war no less significant continues on the mainland, as Chinese and Japanese forces are locked in battle for control of China. This war has been waging for years and shows no signs of abating, as Japan struggles to drive further inland. Now that its war is expanding and they are facing more enemies with greater economic potential and might, Japan must act quickly to seize as many resources as it can, and to weaken the Allied fleets and armies that oppose it.

Command the forces of 7 Major powers: Japan, Australia, China, Communist China, the USA, UK and USSR, together with the allied forces that fought on both sides, and play with a choice of 3-D unit graphics or NATO counters.

Battles will be fought across the breadth and depth of the map, on land and at sea, over islands like Okinawa, Tarawa, Guam and Saipan, as well as on the land masses where forces from Australia, New Zealand, the Dutch East Indies, India, China, the UK, USA and USSR will battle with the might of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy.

Japanese allies will feature too, starting with the defection of Thailand, the growth of the Indian National Army, the Burma Independence Army, and not forgetting Japan’s Mongolian and Chinese and allies, based in Mengjiang and Nanjing respectively.

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