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To End All Wars

AGEOD's To End All Wars is a detailed grand strategy game. It is a turn based regional game with an emphasis on playability and historical accuracy. It is built on the renowned AGE game engine, with a modern and intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn yet hard to master.


Title Date
[PC] Installer v1.00.00 Aug 21, 2014
[PC] Update v1.03.01 Sep 02, 2016

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Aug 26, 2014
English, French
World War I
Middle East
Turn-Based WEGO
Traditional PBEM
PDF E-Book

Ageod’s To End All Wars is a game designed around one of the greatest wars that mankind has ever experienced. In this grand strategy game, players will take control over one of the major alliances that so desperately fought for control over Europe and to end all wars.


The game covers all of Europe, from the Western seaboard to the Volga, from 1914 to 1918. Middle-East is also in, as well as most of the rest of the world (as off-map boxes regions). Game map is divided into more than 3,000 regions, with a variety of terrain, climates and development level. Historical Events are triggered throughout the game giving the player crucial decision points. These cover anything from local uprising to foreign intervention.


Control your nations spending on the military, economics, research and diplomacy through a few simple-to-understand assets and production centers.

The game has an innovative card system that lets you trigger events such as Spies, surprise attacks, key trench warfare aspects, technological or tactical breakthrough and, if played wisely can affect the flow of a campaign.


Over time the technologies available will be upgraded using both the event and cards system.
The engine has been updated and altered to convincingly simulate Great War warfare. Continues lines of trenches can be created by the player (and the AI) and special rules allow air units to fulfill missions even beyond enemy lines. Battlefield Tactics allow the player to make decisions that can turn the tide of battle. Chain of Command allows units to be organized in to brigades, division, corps and armies and leaders put in command of them. Other features brought by this title include the new diplomacy system and the new research system.
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