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Astra Exodus - Preview stream live on Twitch

Published on December 13, 2019

Astra Exodus is an upcoming sci-fi 4X strategy game. Developed by Atomic Kaiser, we have been featuring it weekly on the site with our series of developer diaries.

We had promised you we would show you the full game before the holidays, and we'll keep our word!

Richard Yorke will be live streaming Astra Exodus on our Twitch channel on Tuesday 17 at 6 pm GMT! It will be the perfect chance to have a first look at the game and see its features and gameplay mechanics in action.

For all those who cannot make it, don't worry. We will upload the video afterwards on our YouTube channel.

Astra Exodus is still in beta but its development is progressing well. It is currently fully playable, and we are not far away from release. Stay tuned for the announcement of the release date, which will come very soon.

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