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Broken Arrow demo is back on Steam!

Published on March 10, 2023

By popular demand, the Broken Arrow demo is back on Steam!

As one of the most downloaded demos in the Steam Next Fest, we were really happy to see so many of you try and play the demo. Unfortunately some of you were not able to play it during that week and we received so many requests to make it available again.

From today until March 20 the demo can once again be downloaded and played. Remember, you will be able to play it until Monday March 20 at 4 pm BST.

You can do so simply by visiting the Broken Arrow steam page and clicking on the Download demo green button.


What it contains

It is the same demo that was released a few weeks ago during the Steam Next Fest. 

In the single mission included in the demo you will be tasked to infiltrate a platoon of U.S. Marines Force Recon to destroy critical coastal defenses on the Baltic shore.

Clearing the sky of enemy planes, and escorting their landing craft and hovercraft to the shore, waves of powerful M1A1 Abrams and armored vehicles can be unleashed to dominate the battlefield. The mission will see American troops fight block for block in intense close-quarter infantry battles against airdropped enemy paratroopers. Forces can be resupplied with heavy-lift helicopters from a carrier group offshore. Prospective commanders need to take care and repel the assault of a full tank company with the combined arms help of helicopters and planes.

A number of major features are not yet in the current build. You cannot presently play as Russia, there is no Editor, there is a very limited selection of available troops, no customisation of units or deck building.

In addition, there are some features which are not final:

- Optimisation is far from complete

- Not all visuals and audio effects are final

- Unit balances will be refined as the game enters beta

We addressed all the feedback we received during the Steam Next Fest in this post.

The team is hard at work on the game, we expect to be back with news soon, so please stay tuned and have fun with the demo

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