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Broken Arrow - Dev Diary #6 - Improvements since the demo

Published on March 31, 2023

Welcome back to another Dev Blog for Broken Arrow.

This time we’re going to focus a bit on what the team has been working on recently. Steel Balalaika is currently hard at work on implementing new units and allowing for various degrees of cosmetic customization to them. Plus, you can now automatize things such as flares.

In the meantime, work is also continuing towards preparing a build for the multiplayer beta. As usual, stay tuned, and enjoy the read.

Customize the appearance of your units

A new type of customization is available in the game. Grab your favorite brush and a big paint can because you will be able to customize the livery of your units.

We’ve been teasing that for quite some time now by showing you vehicles with different color patterns in our screenshots and it is now fully functional: the appearance of your vehicle will be memorized in the deck and will be visible by other players in multiplayer. 


More units added to the game

The demo contained around 160 units accessible in the hangar. Some people thought that this would be the total amount of units that will be present at release. Far from it, this represents about only half of it. At release the game will contain more than 300 units.

For those who were disappointed not to be able to ogle the generous curves of the top tier American tanks we’re sorry but they were not ready at the time of the demo but now they are.

Meet the M1A2 SEPv3 with TUSK 2 upgrade and Trophy active protection system in action:

Quality of life improved, micromanagement reduced.

As announced we are making efforts to reduce the micromanagement required to play the game and let players who prefer to focus on planning do so by giving the possibility to let the AI manage things like flares and smoke dispensers for them.

There will still be the possibility to deactivate the automatic mode with a simple right click on the button to manually trigger the ability with a left click when you need it.


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