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Detailed Earth free pack

Published on February 10, 2022

Detailed Earth free pack

The new free Detailed Earth free pack is already available, increase your ICBM gaming experience and immersion by far with this new DLC full of news, take command of the new units while taking advantage of the new electronic warfare technologies and new costal missiles, on a map now 10 times more detailed. 

Use the new weapons, including the EMP bomb and customize the visual effects, but don't forget to carefully choose your strategy for science and production, now not only as an abstract region, but for any of 150+ real countries or any combination of them, get ready and start your next battle.

this pack will be updated automatically


  • New map, 10x more detailed than the original, with the support of dynamic lightning
  • Per-country configuration of the Regions - you can play for any of the 150+ countries or for any combination of them
  • Per-country GDP (switchable) - you can more realistically simulate the difference in production or science between the countries
  • Rename regions in-game, also in Multiplayer
  • Save pre-built region settings
  • New Technologies - Electronic Warfare and Costal Missile Batteries
  • New Units
  • New Weapon, including EMP bomb
  • New configurable visual effects


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