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Distant Worlds 2: Factions - Development Blog #2: The Gizureans

Published on August 31, 2023

The Gizureans are legion, with an incredible reproduction rate, along with a ruthless focus on gaining and consuming enough resources to keep their burgeoning populations happy enough to stave off their tendency towards tribal strife.  They also have a mysterious past, as the hive mind they once had was broken and a more limited shared consciousness is all that remains (though players who choose to may still play as a Hive Mind).  

They engineer their ships through partially organic processes, which allows them to be tougher, but their real focus is in their numbers.  Gizureans tend to focus on numbers and tactics based on quantity in space combat, specializing in many smaller ships and large quantities of hive starfighters for their ships, stations and colony defense with the earliest access of any faction to planetary starfighter bases.

While Gizureans themselves are relatively poor scientists, their talent for thoroughly disassembling and reverse engineering anything they find or capture means that it is possible to keep up in the technological race through conquest and salvage.

The history of the Gizureans is connected with that of the Hive threat as well as the ancient enemy known as the Shakturi!  The Gizurean storyline will explain the origins of the Hive and why the Gizureans are no longer, by default, a full Hive Mind.

The Gizurean victory conditions encourage numbers, growth and conquest.

  • Cell Hegemony government type is a form of limited shared consciousness, which includes some of the benefits and fewer of the disadvantages of a full hive mind. Starts with better sensors and command control, more inspiring characters and a generally reduced rate of luxury resource needs.
  • Excellent at boarding combat and gain extra bonuses from salvaging and retiring captured ships.
  • Swarm Targeting systems make their ships more accurate the more ships there are in a fleet.
  • Hive Hangars and Hex Armor allow them to build and repair starfighters more quickly and cover their ships with partially organic armor that takes less space and is stronger than normal alloys.
  • Hive Fighter Bases are available to defend their planets from the very early game.
  • Internecine Tribal Conflicts can hold them back at times and they will need to supplement their slower research through reverse engineering and conquest.
  • Larger Carriers.
  • Special exclusive Leader and General traits focused on improving their collective consciousness and increasing the size and resiliency of their armies.
  • Special conditional events, such as Waste Nothing and The Scouring, give them extra bonuses when retiring ships or conquering planets. The Rivalry event means that their characters periodically engage in power struggles to eliminate the weak and Breeding World allows them to choose to boost their own growth rate further by using other species as food.
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