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Distant Worlds 2 - Update

Published on September 01, 2023

We're releasing a new update for Distant Worlds 2. As per usual, please let us know what you think of the list of changes. Your feedback is essential to keep improving the game.

You can dowload the new update here.

Changes in (August 29th, 2023):


  • Important fix for a major memory usage and stability issue; this fix should reduce memory usage significantly as well as increasing stability


  • Fixed military ships sometimes still attempting to refuel at dangerous locations
  • Fighters are now more active in attacking target of parent carrier, even when not at war with target empire
  • Point defense weapons now more responsive to intercept incoming weapons fire
  • Automated exploration ships will now explore/survey asteroids with hidden resources when there are no other missions to perform (more thorough exploration of entire system without getting waylaid by often inconsequential asteroid resources)
  • Individual ships in a fleet with Prepare and Attack missions will now auto-commence attack against targets at waypoint even when the rest of the fleet have not yet arrived.  This covers an edge-case where the target ends up being at the waypoint (which is usually a different location). In those cases the ships that had already arrived sometimes did not engage the target, because they were waiting for the rest of the fleet.

So now they will engage the target if it happens to be at the fleet waypoint. No need to wait for the entire fleet in that case, because they are already at the target and likely under attack from it.


  • Ensure fuel tankers always completely deplete fuel cargo when refueling nearby fleet before obtaining more fuel


  • Ensure Construction Yards list properly updates ships incoming for repair or retrofit
  • When cannot afford to build new base, can no longer right-click on locations to assign build missions to construction ships
  • Now allow retrofitting bases when at colonies of other factions (e.g. independent colonies)
  • Ensure spaceport construction always follows colony population limit set in empire policy (do not build before reach required population level)


  • Ensured Ion Bomb (Teekan) and Ion Pulse weapons have component families assigned for preferred weapon policy purposes


  • Fixed colony ships sometimes loading wrong population when some colony population policies are using Resettle policy
  • Fixed bug where colonies that somehow got zero-population could break various things (e.g. Kasim)


  • Pirates now unlikely to cancel a protection agreement when relation trend is positive, thus less likely to get protection canceled soon after being accepted


  • Improved AI research prioritization in various areas (weapons, planetary defense facilities, colonization, ship hulls, etc) to avoid queueing excessively long research projects
  • Fixed excessively high priority for Administrative Facility research projects


  • No longer build Terraforming Facilities at colonies that are already at 100% quality


  • Minor updates to various data file values for artifacts, game events, planetary facilities and troops to fix a variety of reported issues
  • Ensure Mortakosh battleship stays at starting location instead of roaming the galaxy


The Galaxy lives on

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