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DLC sneak peek: Gunships and exploding bugs

Published on May 13, 2024

Troopers, listen up!

In this “explosive” update we’ll be showcasing the A12 Pegasus Gunship and a new Arachnid called the Burster. Closed Beta signups for the Urban Onslaught DLC are still open, if you are interested in giving feedback on the upcoming DLC you can still sign up!


A-12 Pegasus Gunship

The A-12 Pegasus Gunship is a formidable addition to our aerial arsenal, the first air unit that players can control directly. It's capable of flying over any terrain or obstacle, giving it unmatched mobility. It only has to pay attention to Arachnid types capable of firing at air units — for example the Hornets, Scorpion, and Ravager. The A-12 Pegasus is equipped with a powerful minigun to provide fire support against ground targets, while its rocket pods allow it to take down larger, armored foes.


Exploding Bugs - The Burster

The Burster is a new Arachnid unit capable of firing a volatile substance that explodes after a short time delay. Its area of effect (AoE) blast is devastating against infantry and armor. Additionally, it has an unfortunate trait of exploding upon death, causing damage to both allies and enemies nearby. Destroying one at an opportune time can turn the tide of battle.


New purchase menu

To accommodate all the new units, we are experimenting with a redesign of the radio station’s purchase menu. The new tab-based layout simplifies navigation through various options while ensuring they remain easily accessible. Each tab corresponds to a battle tier and its associated delivery platforms, making it easier to find units.


More explosions and ragdolls

The latest DLC introduces new air units and vehicles, enhanced with ragdoll physics for more dramatic deaths. Air units plummet to the ground and vehicles are ripped apart by internal explosions —because who doesn't appreciate a good spectacle?



Closed Beta signups for the Urban Onslaught DLC are still open. If you're eager to experience the new content first hand and help shape its development, this is your chance! Sign up for the closed beta here.

That’s all for this update. We can't wait to see how you use these new features in your strategies. See you on the battlefield! 

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