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DLC Sneak peek: Jetpacks and Hornet Tankers

Published on June 12, 2024

 Welcome back, troopers,

As we gear up for the full release of the Urban Onslaught DLC, set for June 18th, we're excited to share some final updates and details with you. If you haven't already added the DLC to your wishlist, now is the time to show your support and get ready for the action!

We’ve got some cool stuff lined up this time: a new anti-armor marksman with a jump jet, a hovering autocannon that can leap over obstacles, and a dreadful symbiosis between the Tanker and the new Hornets.

J.A.C. Trooper

The J.A.C. Trooper unit is equipped with a powerful recoilless rifle designed to decimate armored targets from a safe distance. This unit’s mobility is significantly enhanced by its jump jet, which allows it to bounce to higher elevations and thus reach advantageous positions in urban environments. The combination of firepower and agility makes the J.A.C. Trooper an excellent addition to any tactical operation.


M7 Cyclone

The M7 Cyclone is an exceptionally mobile weapons platform equipped with an autocannon mounted in a central turret. This weapon can be fired while moving and its projectiles pierce through multiple enemies, making the unit particularly effective in choke points and against densely packed enemies. It can engage both ground and air targets and has a jump ability to reach higher positions, to leap over obstacles or to get out of trouble. It also offers an elite upgrade that creates a powerful blast when the M7 lands amidst a group of enemies.


Hornet Tanker

Introducing the formidable Hornet Tanker that carries a Hornet nest symbiotically fused into its body. While these Hornets are vulnerable to concentrated fire, the Hornet Tanker can keep spawning additional Hornets from afar to overwhelm infantry and lightly armored vehicles. Reaching and neutralizing this monstrosity, while managing the Hornet swarms, requires a carefully thought out approach.


This is our final update before the big release. Mark your calendars for the release event on June 18th at 6:00 p.m. (CEST). Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!

Remember to do your part and wishlist Urban Onslaught DLC today! 


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