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Fantasy General II - Join the beta for the new Onslaught campaign

Published on January 23, 2020

We are about to start a beta to test the new procedural campaign for Onslaught.

The new Onslaught campaign does not only add a host of aerial units and new beast units, it also offers a brand new highly replayable campaign mode. The new Onslaught campaign mode tests your tactical skills on successive procedurally generated maps and allows you to pick your general from a roster of different leaders, each with their own army composition and abilities.

The campaign features over 35 different missions to explore, allowing you to plot your own path across Keldonia in search of a mysterious amulet of power. Each mission has been crafted with our new guided procedural map system. That means while each map shares core features such as general setting, enemy types and dominant landscapes, it will look and play different every time, yield different rewards and even offer different units and heroes to recruit along the way.

The Amulet of Power campaign provides you with a medium-sized warband to lead into battle, so you have to make the best of what you can find along the way in order to bolster your forces. Maps are more skirmish-style, getting you into action quickly and requiring less extensive exploration. Ideally played in the new Iron Maiden mode that only allows one save-game, you battle for survival against ever more challenging enemies guided by an unusual companion.

Can you lead your armies to the final battle?

Find out in our upcoming  Onslaught DLC for the award-winning Fantasy General II or join our Beta now and be the first to experience the new campaign. All you need is to do is own a copy of Fantasy General II and apply here.


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