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Field of Glory 2 - World Team Championship: Group Stage Draw

Published on September 06, 2021

The first Field of Glory II (Ancient + Medieval) Team World Championship, sponsored by Slitherine, will start on September 24th.

There will be a dedicated live event on Thursday, September 16th, during our weekly "Tea Time", in which the draw of the group stage will take place. The event will be on our Twitch channel, starting as always at 4pm UK time

The teams have been formed and are ready to battle, here are the participants in this historic event:

China 1 - QIN: wzfcns (Captain), TaBai, GCD, w2512494748, Augustie
China 2 - HAN: cristianwj (Captain), freemankevin, 275544491, Gundam 1985, LuciusSulla
France 1 - Furia Francese: LYNX57 (Captain), Frederic02​, Lannes, Vadim84​,Timtom Le Grand​
France 2 - Furor Gallico: random27 (Captain)​, Dim30​, Bodhran​, Sennacherib​, Sivispacem 
Italy 1:  Xlegione (Captain)​, Sarmation​, Giacofa93​, Conteshard​, Tratmot
Italy 2: nikobeg (Captain), mh5064, savitel​, ​gfs26​, GMC Neon 
Australia 1 - Terror Australis: Pantherboy (Captain)​, Najanaja, SpeedyCM​, CheAhn​, Bomber23 
Australia 2​ - Agema Australis: vakarr (Captain), Rob123​, markleslie​, General Sharpur​
Serbia​: DzonVejn (Captain)​, miljanotovic, Alkibijad, joggy011​
Rest of the World 1​: Aeneas Stator (Captain), Sh1mbo​, kongxinga​, angel42052​, rth, karuvsall 
Rest of the World 2​: MorkinTheFree (Captain), phlewis​, Zawzgrzyt​, gort7078​, dragmio 
Canada​: DanZanzibar (Captain)​, OmegaOm, msaunders865, w_michael​, Scotty123
UK 1​ - Cry Havoc: tmac11 (Captain)​, tyronec​, IMC , Triarii​, Hrik56 
UK 2​ - The Armchair Heroes: ​Captainwaltersavage(Captain)​, ericdoman1​, lydianed, carpenkm, Stew101
UK 3​ - Inglorious Brits:​ Morat (Captain), Challenge1​, Morbio, Ianiow​, Gboggon, RussellGardener1964 ​
Europe 1​: Heidipie (Captain)​, Xenophon85, Henniak​, GraftMalt​, wbl001, Cpl_Uhl 
Europe 2​: Mr. Cholo (Captain), Cpl_Uhl​, MarcoCato75​, Blagrot​
Russia​: Questar17 (Captain), El_Tomato​, Nosy_Rat​, Chherif​
New Zealand​: Warg1 (Captain)​, GaryS, oscarius​, Cunningcairn​, rexhurley ​
Sweden/Norway​ - No Nonsense Norse: Mitotyn (Captain)​, pagu05, schmolywar​, kronenblatt​, hidde, Historiekungen02 
USA 1 - 1 st Continental Legion​: Geffalrus (Captain)​, NYCZAR, snooky51​, edb1815​, rrrttt354, infinitude
USA 2​ - Pershing’s Pikes: harveylh (Captain), klayeckles, ulysisgrunt​, ratprince​, Barrold713, gort7078 ​
USA 3 - Hell on wheels: Aetius39 (Captain)​, deeter, Karvon​, pbuck777​, rpadilla1988
Poland​ - Polish companions: FireknightBarcelona (Captain), Kraff​, GenNikolaj​, Cyberhetman​, Edgewalker,Zawzgrzyt ​

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