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Field of Glory: Empires has been updated to version 1.0.3

Published on July 30, 2019

Developers haven’t rest on their laurels and after fixing the most important bugs after release, they have worked hard in keep improving the whole gameplay experience.

Version 1.0.3 brings many changes and additions, among the most important ones are:

Abandoning a region

You can now under some circumstances abandon a region to its fate. Know though that bandits will rapidly take over and who knows what nation can emerge from these unclaimed lands.


New buildings and unrest fighting

Three new buildings to fight off unrest in your large cities! But it might come at a cost... We also have strengthened (slightly) the effects of some existing buildings.

Alternate Power Display

Some were confused with the 'combat power' of their armies. And others were fine with how it was displayed. So, how about 3 options?

- As before (Combat Power)

- Unit count

- Categorized count (Heavy/Medium/Light)


* Rebellion will now not take over the city walls, only the countryside. Have fate in your garrisons to fend them off. Although we recommend sending a professional army!

* Units rebalancing

* Smarter AI, with more sensible declaration of war, less loitering (and pilfering) in your land from allies

... and more than 30 extra entries about rebalancing, tweaking and fixing bugs!


Check the full changelog here!

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