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Field of Glory II: Medieval - Storm Arrows is coming soon

Published on December 17, 2021

Storm of Arrows the third DLC for Field of Glory II: Medieval will be available on February 10th, 2022.

The one and only tactical strategy game with “tin digital soldiers” set in Medieval age, reaches the golden era of the mighty heavy knight charge and the longbow with Storm of Arrows DLC, set in the 100 Years War.

This new DLC will include:

95 more army lists
45 new 14th and 15th century units.
8 more historical scenarios  covering key engagements of the period on an epic scale: Courtrai 1302, Laupen 1339, Crécy 1346, Kulikovo 1380, Aljubarrota 1385, Castagnaro 1387, Grunwald 1410, Agincourt 1415.
- 5 more historically-based campaigns covering major leaders and conflicts of the era: Hundred Years War (English), Hundred Years War (French), Sir John Hawkwood, Henry of Trastámara, Władysław II Jagiełło.
Sandbox campaign expanded to include all the new army lists.
Time Warp modules expanded to include all the new army lists.

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