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Field of Glory: Kingdoms - Enigma: Perceive and Resolve

Published on June 13, 2024

Here is a summary of the upcoming guide about frequently asked questions.

Many new players feel stuck at some point without a clear way to progress in Realm type and level (for example, from a Duchy to a Petty Kingdom, also known as governments). This comes from two concepts that are tailored to slow down expansion and require foreplanning. It has been designed this way so that Kingdoms is not just another map painter. The historical rationale is that the overwhelming majority of nations did not expand geographically for dozens of years. Only a few managed to do that, and it was often a long process.

Two key values must be understood:

"Max Demesne Size for Authority Gain": This limits the main source of Authority gain (there are other sources, but they are not passive and demand effort). As the realm grows in size, this limit is approached, and Authority gain stops. This can mean the realm is not in the progress tier anymore, and thus the Realm cannot be changed.

"Required Regions to Progress": In addition to this limit, a second concept acts as a barrier. To change Realm, in addition to being Ascendant with 5 progress tokens, a critical size must also be reached. The conundrum to solve is that this value is higher than the first, which might initially give the impression of being stuck.

Note: These two values are indicated in the left part of the Nation Panel.

The obstacle represents a glass ceiling. However, it can be broken, and there are several ways to do that.

Peers of the Realm

If a province is held, a governor can be named (in-game flavor terms: Domain and Peers of the Realm). This will increase the first value, as a Peer will enhance the "Max Demesne Size for Authority Gain" by their Admin value. However, there is a limitation: the bonus from Peers cannot exceed the base value. For example, a Taifa with a Max Demesne of 2 cannot exceed 4.


Creating vassals will lower the "Required Regions to Progress" by 5% for each vassal. Given the game will round values to the nearest one, it means that with 10 regions and 1 vassal, there is a rebate of 1 region. Note: The HRE Emperor has a penalty here; it's a special mechanism.

On and Off

By combining both approaches and adopting a strategy where Authority is either accumulated or spent more liberally, progress can be achieved. Alternating between these two phases until a runaway mechanism is reached, where both spending Authority liberally and progressing is possible, is the goal. It's quite achievable.

Who to play?

Starting with a minor backward nation is not recommended. Kingdoms does not strive to equalize the playing field. Some nations are harder to play than others, and beginning with a small nation, but with an existing Domain (like Scotland) will provide a more rewarding experience, will not be overwhelming, and will present many challenges. It won't be easy mode.

Unlike Civilization, where everyone starts equal with a single pop village and can thrive to greatness, Field of Glory: Kingdoms presents a different challenge. Only when experienced in the game should a backward nation be attempted. 

Note: Easy mode will be easier in the first patch, helping players get started. Switching to balanced mode is possible at any point. 


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