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Field of Glory: Kingdoms - Forging the legacy of your Dynasty

Published on August 07, 2023

Lords and Ladies,

The game features a main campaign, 2 large scenarios, and an introductory scenario to ease you into the world of Field of Glory: Kingdoms. Get ready to strike the perfect balance between progress and fun while enjoying a seriously fun historical gaming experience.

In Field of Glory: Kingdoms, you will take on the role of a nation guided by various rulers over time. One of the key features of the game is the Dynasties system, where you have to prepare for their succession by siring an heir with a spouse or significant other.

The ruler can have a wife and children, as well as uncles and brothers. All can play a role in the question of your succession and if they are unhappy with your rule (or simply determined to seize control themselves), civil war may ensue.

Your dynasty is made up of your direct family plus a few major nobles. For example, take your uncle Agdi - he will probably not perform well in warfare, but he would make a decent administrator in one of your provinces.

Maintaining a continuous dynasty over time is important, as you’ll reap more legacy, and this legacy is used to determine the winner of the game. This will be difficult at times, perhaps because your heir is considered weak by important nobles, or because of unfortunate accidents or assassination attempts.

You can also appoint family members and nobles as Peers of the Realm, who act as governors and provide extra bonuses and perks to the region they administer.

These Peers of the Realm can also react to the player's actions and potentially rebel with armies, as your vassals can.

Vassals too play an important role in the game, with players able to participate in multi-choice events with intriguing results and rewards. However, overextending their domain can result in a loss of Authority.

Some nations in the game also have baronial vassals in their regions, which can be both advantageous and a liability. These independent-minded individuals can help defend your realm, but they might undermine your Authority in doing so.

The Dynasty feature has been tailored to be both interesting and simple to understand, rest assured that at its core.

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