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Field of Glory: Kingdoms - Open Beta Patch 1.02

Published on July 05, 2024

We are happy to announce that the new Open Beta Patch 1.02 is now available.
You can now opt-in to the Public Beta on Steam.


- Fixed refresh issue in MP Lobby.
- Adjusted some faction colors.
- Retinue units indicated as such in the unit tooltip.
- You can now send a bug report to the team by hitting Shift-Escape while on the main map or with a new button in the load/save interface.
- In the ledger, Unknown loyalty characters will be sorted as if they have loyalty 101 because they are your most trusted friends.
- Extra visual option for borders (colored, thin, black, colored from treaties).
- New faction names coloring option.
- Structures text coloring improved, with more emphasis in case of events.
- Some info on the map filtered out depending on zoom level.
- Fixed a message when an HRE nation decides to become a vassal of the Emperor.
- Some Coats of Arms fixed.

- Some culture adjustments on the map for the campaign.
- Extra Rus' principalities can be formed (as vassals, e.g.) from the game start.
- Less chance for a CW as BYZ on Easy difficulty.
- When evolved enough, Normans will switch to the English Kingdoms branch of governments and not French.
- Improved Georgia and Armenia (units roster).
- England can now have Huskarls at the start.
- New Kingdom of Sicily banner.
- Fixed Apulia duchy capital moving on turn 1.

- Reworked coup chances so that a loyal army at the capital is more efficient.
- Less rebellion chances for generals with 26-50 loyalty, but more if 25 or lower. Do not risk naming as general a character with loyalty 25!
- Increased extra characters for bigger nations (even more if Tier III Realm).
- The Max Demesne penalty is limited to -4 in Balanced difficulty (no change), but is now limited to -6 in Experienced and so on.
- Don't pay an Authority cost if you declare war on a vassal of a nation you declare war on due to being allied.
- Ceding a Domain to a Peer to form a vassal will relinquish your claims in the donated lands.

- Relinquishing a claim will be worth more if you are human and less if you are AI (favoring the human in both cases).
- Relative combat power will be much more important when evaluating peace chances. Should help AI cede to conditions when severely beaten.
- If the AI agrees to propose peace after a '3rd party request,' then chances will be +100% (was +25%).

- Some region links fixed.
- More vibrant map colors to help distinguish some colors.
- Lowland food usage is now 2 per pop (was 1).

- Fixed a military reform (Archer tier II). Other pending verifications.
- Peasants and light militia have minor ranged capability.
- Fixed Disband providing too many resources.

- AI will be more reluctant to declare war if already at war.
- Added AI Search Depth Option (SP only).
- AI less willing to propose peace early.

- Call to Arms Decision buffed: Does not cost Authority anymore, provides 200 (from 100) equipment points.
- You'll always get a Form Vassal decision if you have none while having 75+ Authority.
- Fixed then improved Decision Fund Holy Order.
- You get a penalty on the amount of RGDs you have if you have 15 or more, otherwise no change at all (prevent micro-managing & selling every turn).
- Very High Priority RGD will appear more often in your pool through a priority pick procedure, which has more chance to trigger the higher your Realm Tier is.
- When you tweak RGDs odds, a status message will immediately tell you how much money it will cost.
- Fixed convert population (could convert a heretic, not another population).
- Fixed 3 RGDs not having a message in some cases.
- Draft Levies RGD from Peasants roundup provided more often.
- Form vassal RGD overhauled.

- Agriculture: Bee Keeper is now tier I.2 (was I.1), Stug is now I.1 (was 1.2).
- Commerce: Candles Shop is now tier I.2 (was I.1), Weaver Shop is now I.1 (was 1.2).
- Barrack building was not constructible, fixed.
- Baronial Vassal / Minor Fiefdom costs less in resources and now provide +1 extra SAU.
- Pilgrim Refuge (Tier I Piety buffed up).
- Furrier more productive (1>2 Leather, more money).
- Town Crier produces more stewardship, its event triggers more often (loyalty boost when loyalty is low).
- Brickwork has no prerequisite anymore (bug), so not dependent on Clay Pit.
- New area 'viticulture' for vineyards.
- Fixed Equipment rebate from structures not working.
- Fixed prerequisite structures not properly checked under some conditions.
- The structure generating a sound in the region panel has a minor visual cue.
- Marble vein and associated quarry fixed and provided less often.
- Walled cemetery produces the same health bonus as Commoner cemetery.
- Cathedrals and Mosques don't have a cost in metal.

- Fixed Auld Alliance achievement only works if playing Scotland, not France.


We can't wait to hear your feedback.

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