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Field of Glory: Kingdoms - The Balance of Authority

Published on May 23, 2023

Field of Glory: Kingdoms takes players on a journey through over two centuries of European, African, and Middle Eastern history set in 1054, just after the Great Schism.

With hundreds of factions at the start and a plethora of buildings, players will have ample opportunities to build and expand their kingdom.

One of the key features of Field of Glory: Kingdoms is the Authority and Disorder system, which allows players to manage their kingdom and maintain order. With the Authority concept, players can maintain control over their population, promulgate edicts, and declare war on their enemies. However, be careful not to let your realm fall into disorder, as this can result in challenges from your heirs and unruly vassals. As one of the main tools to measure your progress, Authority will also allow a change in your system of government, and here Kingdoms offers many more possibilities than in its predecessor, Empires.

Authority is perhaps the most important new concept in Kingdoms, as its influence literally courses through all game elements - from loyalty to succession to warfare.

But the game presents a delicate balance between maintaining control and expanding your kingdom, as expansion will create tension with powerful neighbors. Indeed, a large Authority rating will make you clash with nearby similarly minded nations.

So, to become a formidable force, you will have to walk the thin line between being small enough to keep things firmly under control and large enough to progress to a more formidable status.

Will you be a humble county, or will you raise to be the equal of the mighty Byzantine Empire? Nothing is written in stone and even as a modest Northumbrian noble, you too can become the King of England. Or perhaps you would rather ascend from being a Novgorod prince to the King of all of Rus’? There will be only one in such a position though and expect a fierce struggle to ensue.

The Authority and Disorder system while being very flavourful and thematic to middle-age games also prevents easy snow-balling and captures the rise and fall of empires/kingdoms.

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