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Headquarters World War II - Demo is now available at Steam Next Fest

Published on February 05, 2024

Hey gamers,

We are thrilled to announce that Steam Next Fest has officially begun and the Demo for Headquarters World War II is now available.

What does this demo contain?

1) The Tutorial mission that was developed to test your skill as an officer and fill in any gaps in your previous training at the academy. You do not want to be one of those green officers, who have seen the military exercises only in the handbook when you reach the frontline, right?

2) The first battle of the German campaign where you needed to hold your ground against the Allied landing on the D-Day. It will be a first test of your tactical skill and a first taste of real battle. The high command is looking forward to seeing how well you will do.

The full game will have:

  • 3 campaigns (United States, United Kingdom and Germany) and 9 operations each

  • Upgrade your units by levelling them up, acquiring new abilities or assigning heroes

  • Positional armor

  • Destructible buildings

  • Crew system for individual units

  • 6 Skirmish maps

  • Multiplayer up to 4 players

  • Scenario Editor available

If you want to discuss your progress and first impressions with other players, and the dev team - please join our dedicated Discord channel, by clicking the Discord button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Hurry up and play the Demo today

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