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Headquarters: World War II is out now

Published on April 10, 2024

Hello commanders,

The wait is finally over, Headquarters: World War II has been released!


Headquarters: World War II it offers lots of possibilities:

  • Units have front/side/back/top armor and their positioning matters a lot

  • Fences and other obstacles offer a directional cover that depends on the angle of attack

  • Different terrain types offer various bonuses and affect Line of Sight

  • Destroyed vehicles and other large objects affect the battlefield and provide cover

  • High Ground mechanics allow multiple levels of terrain elevation that affect Line of Sight and combat effectiveness

  • Destructible buildings with different stages of demolition create unique challenges


Go through numerous battles

See all sides of the story by completing 3 campaigns with 9 operations in each.
The game features United States, United Kingdom, and German campaigns all set in the Normandy landings period of the war.


Play your own game

Use the Editor tool to create your own skirmish/multiplayer maps and share them with the community.


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