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Headquarters: World War II: Update 1.00.03 is out Now

Published on April 30, 2024

Hello everyone!

We keep working to process all of your feedback and ideas and use this information to plan our future updates accordingly. For the first few updates our main focus remains on the key issues, but we plan to have much more quality-of-life improvements later down the road.

Here are the key changes in the 1.00.03 update:

Fixed one of the most common crashes that could also be one of the main reasons for LIVE games crashing at some point.
Fixed AI behavior being sometimes affected by the wreckages of destroyed units. (Now it no longer prevents AI from attacking in some situations.)
Improved support for 4K monitors (disabled option that caused the image to look sharpened on High-Resolution monitors and caused flickering of image when the camera moved if Motion Blur was on)
Improved Chinese localization
Fixed glitch with unit camouflage in multiplayer
Fixed HQ skills (Eg. Dive bomber) showing incorrect damage value. (You would hit for 4 damage, but see 1 Damage displayed etc.)
Fixed the issue where the player could not deselect the HQ skill with a left mouse click if the mouse cursor is outside of the playable map area.
Fixed crash that happened during unit renaming, if you enter (/\*_-=+<>,.&^|`~) symbols and press the Esc button.
Fixed unit customization - the “Apply to all” button not working correctly in Multiplayer for all players.
Fixed player coloring on units not being displayed in the unit preview.
Fixed building destruction sounds not working for Random generated and Editor maps.
Fixed Fog of War not updating when the unit is unloaded from a Transport vehicle.
Improved support
Fixed glitch when selecting several save files and empty slot remaining selected.
Fixed glitch where minimap would be replaced by a placeholder during post-game review.
Fixed glitch with extra placeholder ability being displayed in the unit info on the 8th USA map.
Various UI fixes
Various localization fixes

Adjusted some limitations and default values for the Skirmish and Multiplayer settings:
1) Default Victory Points number increased - 40 -> 50 victory points
2) Maximum Victory Points value increased - 100 -> 200 victory points
3) Default turns limit increased - 10 -> 25 turns
4) Default turn timer increased - 30 -> 120 sec
5) Default starting prestige increased - 1000 -> 2500
6) Minimum starting prestige limit reduced - 1000 -> 500
7) Maximum starting prestige limit increased - 5000 -> 30000
8) Maximum Bias value increased - 120% -> 160%*
*Note that the Bias settings are not functional at the moment and we will address that in the next update.

Fixed the Esc button not closing the Credits screen.
Fixed windbreak (tree line) being displayed in Editor incorrectly.
Added company logos to the Main menu.

In this update, we fixed an issue that prevented AI from moving around the map in some situations. We are still checking how AI behaves after all the fixes - and so far we have not seen it sit idly by during our tests (but got a report from the beta branch player on Discord). So, if you run into any game where AI is still not moving actively around the map - please let us know, as we are still gathering data and trying to pinpoint the potential issues.

We have a lot of important fixes and improvements coming up, so stay tuned for future updates. Right now, the plan is to keep delivering weekly updates until everyone is fully happy with the technical state of the game, and then focus on larger but less frequent updates.

Please, keep sharing your thoughts on Discord, Steam community, and Slitherine forms.

See you soon!

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