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Headquarters: World War II - Update 1.00.04 is out Now

Published on May 08, 2024

Hello everyone,

We keep working to process all of your feedback and ideas and use this information to plan our future updates accordingly.

Here are the key changes in the 1.00.04 update:

  • The Bias setting is now working as intended. (It allows you to add a modifier to all incoming prestige in Skirmish/Multiplayer for each player. For example, a Bias of 80% would mean that this player receives 20% less Prestige from both Starting Prestige and Prestige Income. While setting Bias to 140%, would mean that the player gets 40% Prestige more than other players (if they have Bias set to 100% for them)

  • Fix an issue that caused problems when the user had non-Latin symbols in his Windows folder names. For example path to the save files folder, etc. One example would be having some key folder names in the Chinese language.

  • On Steam Deck the UI scale is now set to 75% not only during the first game launch but at every launch.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Tile information to sometimes show incorrect Armor and Camouflage values.

  • Fixed numerous UI issues when using 100% scale on resolutions higher than Full HD. (We still recommend using a higher UI scale on resolutions above Full HD)

  • Fixed bug where new units that join your army (for example scout unit in tutorial, etc) are only displayed in the unit list after you did one more action. (Now they appear in the list immediately).

  • Fixed a bug with the AI, that caused it to not be able to use the Clear Wreck ability on the Wrecks that were set in Editor. (It could only clear the ones that appear during the game)

  • Fixed the problem with Overwatch symbols sometimes showing incorrectly. This issue was due to a rule that units do not overwatch if they are guaranteed to do 0 damage (for example MG vs tanks). The problem was that when displaying the Overwatch area, the armor and attack angle were not always predicted correctly, so you could move a unit thinking there would be no overwatch, but because the angle changed you would get hit and receive some damage.
    With this update, the Overwatch icon will be displayed over a Tile even if you are expected to take 0 damage there, so some Tiles could be shown as Overwatch tiles, and then your unit would not get Overwatched if the enemy unit sees that it would deal 0 damage with all types of hits.

  • Now after generating and exporting a new map in the Random map generator, you will be taken back to the Skirmish/Multiplayer game creation form, instead of the Main menu.

  • Fixed a bug when the unit could in some situations be dislocated from its tile (be shown in an incorrect tile), potentially causing the game to crash.

  • Minor localization text fixes. (Added a few missing strings)

  • Minor UI fixes for Multiplayer screens.

  • Fixed some environment objects behaving incorrectly when under fire in the “Marshland Clash” skirmish map.

We have a lot more fixes and improvements in the works and will keep updating the game regularly, so stay tuned for the next updates. We are also working on a bigger update that would introduce some balanced changes based on your feedback and our observations.

Please, share your feedback and thoughts with us on Discord, the Steam community hub, and Slitherine forums.

See you soon

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