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Join the Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Season 2 Finale Tournament

Published on September 29, 2020

Welcome everyone, to the BSG:Deadlock Season 2 Finale tournament.

With the completion of Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica Deadlock we thought it would be good to send her off with a bang, and to that end we wanted to take full advantage of the changes and improvements Deadlock has had over the years. This tournament will be running on 16k point matches, centred on the new multiplayer game mode Propaganda.

Players will have to not only think big, but think smart, as this tournament is less about blasting your opponent off the map (though we love to see it!) and more about savvy use of terrain, control points, and balanced fleets between firepower and capture potential.

We look forward to seeing what our wonderful community can cook up for this tournament. Signups are open as of today at the Deadlock Discord https://discord.gg/bsgdeadlock and are first come, first served. The tournament is looking to be 32 players strong, but we can open it up to 64 players so don't be afraid to get your application in even after the initial 32.

The first round will begin on Monday October 5th, lasting exactly one week.

Game rules:

  1. 16k fleet points.
  2. 240 seconds turn timer.
  3. The Map of choice is Refinery.
  4. No more than 3 of the same capital ships per fleet.
  5. No Defender or Medusa class ships.
  6. Participants are free to change their fleets between matches so long as they are in accordance with the above rule.
  7. Participants do not need to announce their fleet beforehand, so long as the fleet they field is in accordance with the above rules.


Tournament rules:

1 Week per round. Not showing up or organising a match within the 1-week timeframe will result in the participant(s) being disqualified.

All participants are to join the Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Discord to be able to take part. You need to write in the Tournament Applications channel and give us through Discord the following info: Discord nickname, Steam username and time zone.

32 players single elimination, using the two brackets as per the last tournament. The tournament could be expanded to 64 players depending on the number of signups.

Semi-finals and finals are best of 3 matches.

Caught instances of directly and maliciously breaking the rules (including cheating) will result in an immediate disqualification.

Participants are welcome (and encouraged) to stream their matches but do so at their own discretion. This is not mandatory.

Participants are to agree upon a time and date of their match publicly during the week of their round. EG: Participant 1 & 2 agree to play at 18:00 GMT on Thursday 31/10/19. Once the match is set up at the agreed upon time, the creator of the room is to wait 10 minutes. If the opponent has not arrived by that point, the opponent will be disqualified unless both participants agree to reorganise the match within the 1 week time frame. A match may be reorganised only once.

BOTH participants must take a pre and post-game screenshot of their match, regardless of streaming. The pre-game screenshot is to show both players in the room with the tournament settings (16k, 240s, Refinery) whilst the post-game match shows the victory (or defeat screen). An unedited version of this screenshot is to be sent directly to Sir Wagglepuss III on Discord.

Pre and post-match are required from BOTH participants, this means matches are to be played out in full so the victory/defeat screen can have a screenshot taken of it. Do not end matches early via disconnect.

If one of the participants quits during a match due to elements outside of their control, an immediate rematch can be done only at the consent of both participants, otherwise the match is given to the participant who remains.

Any disputes are to be brought to Sir Wagglepuss III or the moderation team. The moderation team's word is final on any disputes.



Signups starting on Tuesday 29 September 2020

The tournament begins on Monday 5 October 2020, with 1 week for each round of the tournament

The tournament should last for 4-6 weeks depending on the number of participants



The tournament champion will receive a $40 voucher for the Slitherine store, while the runner-up will win a $20 voucher.

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