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Kingdoms Royalty Patch 1.01 is coming soon

Published on June 19, 2024

It's been some time since Field of Glory: Kingdoms was released, and the reception has been very positive. We're pleased that many of you are enjoying the game and providing valuable feedback and suggestions. While we process this feedback and set our priorities,  we're happy to announce that a new patch is coming very soon, and it includes bug fixes, rebalancing, and additional content.

It is named  Royalty Patch because we are adding 45 historical rulers for various countries in the grand campaign. These rulers will no longer be randomized but will have well-defined Administration-Military- Piety characteristics (often quite good), as well as specific skills. Besides providing better historical accuracy, this also gives you the added benefit of knowing in advance which noble will be on the throne when you choose a faction, allowing you to define a better initial strategy without relying on Lady Luck.
Among the new crowned heads, we will briefly describe four, each of whom has a new portrait by the game's lead artist, Ivan Cáceres. These portraits can later appear on new characters in your campaign.

In 1054, Geoffroy Martel was the Count of Anjou, known for his aggressive expansion and military prowess. He successfully extended his territories by capturing Tours, Maine, and even parts of Normandy. Geoffroy was also notable for his conflicts with both the Church and other regional powers, solidifying his reputation as a formidable and ambitious ruler.
He comes with the traits Expansionist and Lay.

In 1054, Ramiro I of Aragon, known as "the Steward," was the first King of Aragon. He expanded his kingdom by conquering territories from the Moors, including Sobrarbe and Ribagorza. Ramiro was significant for consolidating his rule and laying the foundations for the future expansion and consolidation of the Aragonese kingdom.
He comes with the traits Good Military and Very Good Administration.

In 1054,  Abu Marwan al-Mansur was the ruler of Valencia, having established himself as a significant local leader during the fragmented period of the Taifa kingdoms. He is notable for strengthening Valencia's independence and its economic and cultural development. His rule was marked by efforts to defend the taifa from both Christian and Muslim rivals.
He comes with the traits Guiding and Local Elite.

In 1054, Otto III, known as "the White," was the Duke of Swabia. His rule is notable for his efforts to maintain the stability and territorial integrity of Swabia within the Holy Roman Empire. Otto III was a member of the noble Hohenstaufen family, and his tenure was marked by navigating the complex political life of the empire.
He comes with the traits Landowner and Good Military.

Most notable points of the patch:

  • Easy Mode has been overhauled with added bonuses, so you can start smoothly. You can even switch to Balanced within the same game (or return to Easy mode for some turns).
  • Forming a new nation, like Sicily, will promote a Duchy to a Kingdom.
  • Clergymen can lead armies, though with a penalty.
  • Hostile claims have been reworked and fixed.
  • You won’t lose Authority when you help an ally in war.
  • If a Christian nation is under Jihad, other Christian nations will like you more.
  • When you secure a deal in peace negotiations, retroceding unclaimed regions won’t cost you Authority.
  • And much, much more. The Royalty Patch includes over 125 entries!
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