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Master of Magic: An expansive Free Update is coming on August 28th

Published on August 23, 2023

Set to launch on August 28th, in conjunction with the release of the DLC Rise of the Soultrapped, a substantial free update will also be introduced.

Players can choose to play this free update

Below, you'll find all the key features of this update:

Steam Workshop: A comprehensive overhaul of the modding tools and the integration of modding into the Steam Workshop.

A list of Quality of Life improvements, including:

Management of memory for assets: As we and modders add more assets, memory demands increase.

Quick Load/Save option

Increased distance between towns to reduce city spam

Favorites in the spellbook and a repeat spell button

Display of current game settings available for viewing in-game

Hero recruitment: When recruiting a hero via a spell or trader, you will now have a choice between two random heroes.

Through the Myrror content update: The Wizard Trait 'I Need a Hero!' will now provide an additional hero choice when recruiting.

This update will be released for free to everyone on August 28th. Don't miss the chance to download it and embark on your new adventure

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