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Master of Magic - Development Diary #11 - June 2022

Published on June 03, 2022

Dev Diary #11 June 2022

Busy beta times.
Last month we officially entered into closed beta and now, together with the first wave of testers, we are working hard at bug hunting and monitoring player feedback. As such, this month I am only going to quickly say that we are alive, we are working hard to make that announced early Autumn deadline!

Here is a link to the Home of Wargames video, where you can finally see some gameplay and myself ;) 

And here are a few screenshots of things we improved via feedback (we did a lot more, but those are a few visual bits I can share.

Locations no longer have the additional red markers under them, to allow for better immersion. And units also have a less obtrusive bottom marker.


We now have a help button in combat that explains battle mechanics in a more comprehensive way.


And the building queue now has the arrows so you can rearrange your building orders. You can do this from either the building manager screen or the main city view.


And, the main city view no longer shows you the current unit/building being constructed as next, as it did before.

These are obviously only little snippets of the work happening behind the scenes now. We are hunting down many bugs as well as balancing issues with the help of our committed testers. We hope to show you more gameplay in the future as we push on towards release, but for now, that’s it folks.

And I shall leave you with a peek at some amusing (well, not so amusing for us when we try to find it..) bugs. As you see below, we sometimes have our players pay a hefty price for destroying their enemies' cities or, in fact, for keeping them!

*Note this is not a feature and the bug has been potentially found and squashed as we speak...

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