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Master of Magic: Important communication

Published on May 03, 2024

Greetings wizards,

Since the enchanting unveiling of Master of Magic in December 2022, our journey has been nothing short of mystical. Together, we have delved deep into the arcane depths of the game, unearthing treasures, engaging in battles with formidable sorcerers, and conjuring spells of unparalleled potency.

Currently, we have no plans for additional DLC or extra content. Nonetheless, we remain devoted to cultivating and enriching this cherished universe.

MuHa Games, an independent studio, is now exploring new horizons with their own projects. We are truly grateful for their work in bringing a fresh perspective to this remake of a classic from the 90s. We are curious to know what they have in store and wish them all the best.

Master of Magic will continue to thrive, thanks to your passion for the game and the vibrant community you have created and shared during this journey.

We look forward to unveiling exciting developments in the future and continuing to shape the destiny of this enchanting realm.

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