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Master of Magic: Rise of the Soultrapped - Grendel the Troll Wizard

Published on August 16, 2023

The game is still in development, some skills/trait are subject to change

Grendel staunchly claims that even magic itself can be beaten into submission. While he possesses a rudimentary understanding of the Arcane arts and dabbles in Nature when necessary, Grendel primarily relies on the raw physical power of his troops to achieve victory, and exudes confidence in his ability to overpower opponents without relying on spells.

I'll make your heads sparkle without magic and then you'll see who's Master!

Grendel's origins trace back to a time shrouded in ancient history, long before the emergence of the Wizards. He reminisces about the peaceful era of Myrror before the insidious influence of the Arcane tainted and twisted its essence. Despite his own magical talents, Grendel harbors an intense hatred for magic itself, a sentiment that has brewed within him for millennia.

After millennia of ignoring the existence of magic and the Wizards, Grendel has finally chosen to step onto the grand stage of the great contest. His purpose? To prove, once and for all, that might is the ultimate victor and to vanquish his enemies, even if it means dismantling magic itself.

Magic and Traits

Grendel possesses a deep connection to the forces of Nature, allowing him to draw upon its power and channel it to his advantage. As a seasoned Warlord, Grendel possesses exceptional leadership skills and strategic prowess. Grendel's unyielding conviction in the supremacy of physical prowess permeates every fiber of his being. This extraordinary trait bestows upon his starting race a fortified resistance to magic, ensuring their heightened ability to withstand the mystical onslaught unleashed by their adversaries. Additionally, it empowers or grants the regeneration skill to units of his starting race, endowing them with resilience and fortitude on the battlefield.

Magic Books:



Veteran Warlord - adds more XP to non-fantastic units (requires Warlord)

Might Makes Right! - Gives bonus to Resistance and also gives a new, combat regeneration skill to all non-fantastic units under the Wizard command

Myrran refugee - allows him to begin the game on Arcanus but with a Myrror race

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Prepare on August 28th to witness the awe-inspiring power of Grendel, the Troll Wizard, as he emerges from the shadows to challenge the very foundation of the magical realm in Master of Magic: Rise of the Soultrapped. Will his physical might and indomitable spirit be enough to reshape the destiny of this mystical world?

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