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Master of Magic: Rise of the Soultrapped - New Heroes

Published on August 02, 2023

The game is still in development, some skills/trait are subject to change

With the new trait “I need a hero” players will now have the freedom to choose from three unique heroes instead of one during the recruitment process and when casting spells.


New Heroes

Moma and Ilde: the twin duo summoned by a spell, reminiscent of the beloved character Torin

Powerful pair with an emotionally charged backstory. Ilde, a young and talented runekeeper, tragically lost her mother in a lab accident involving techmagic. However, a chance encounter with a wandering soulbound, whom she believes to be her mother, reignites her hope. Together, Moma and Ilde answer the call of those who wield powerful techmagic, driven by their quest to uncover the truth and reverse Ilde's mother's fate.

This dynamic duo has a unique spell called Sharp Exchange. This spell bestows an extraordinary Armor Piercing effect upon all units engaged in the battlefield, rendering the defender's armor rating only half as effective.

However, unlocking such unparalleled potency comes at a price. To channel the raw might of Sharp Exchange, the valiant caster must make a selfless sacrifice, willing to endure a deduction of -5 health. This act of devotion and unwavering determination epitomizes the courage and resolve exhibited by Moma and Ilde in their quest to uncover the truth behind the tragic loss that binds them.

Billie the Gunslinger: the cheerful halfling youth with exceptional marksmanship skills.

After achieving the highest ranks amongst the slingers, Billie set out on a personal quest to find her own niche. Inspired by her sister, Teria, she discovered the wonders of techmagic and became the first-ever gunslinger of Arcanus. Accompanied by her faithful boar, Nibbles, Billie has gained a reputation as one of the most sought-after guns for hire in the wizarding world.

Oldmane Ironjaw: A gnoll general

Once the greatest and eldest of gnoll generals, he endured unimaginable torment at the hands of the dark elves. But a fateful encounter with a young boy gave him the strength to fight back. Escaping captivity with his adopted son, Timur, Oldmane embarked on a journey of rebirth. Through the power of techmagic, he was transformed into a formidable metal-flesh menace, seeking redemption and vowing to protect his newfound family. Oldmane's skill set includes unique abilities related to his cyborg-like enhancements, granting him advantages in battle.

Timur the Deadshot: the enigmatic dark elf assasin

Born blind and stripped of his dark elven gift for dark magic, Timur faced rejection and contempt from his own people. Determined to prove his worth, he embarked on a perilous journey with his adoptive father. Through the power of techmagic, his eye was enhanced, enabling him to see beyond mortal boundaries. Though he cannot wield dark magic, his deadly sniper shot, infused with techmagic, now serves as a formidable force in combat.

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Prepare to command these extraordinary new heroes in Master of Magic: Rise of the Soultrapped, as they reshape the battlefield and pave the way to victory with their unique abilities and sheer destructive power from August 28th!

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