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Master of Magic: Scourge of the Seas - Is out now

Published on February 08, 2024

Master of Magic enthusiasts,

Brace yourselves for a magical double whammy as we unleash not only the highly anticipated Scourge of the Sea DLC but also a fantastic free update that promises to elevate your gaming experience to unprecedented heights.

Scourge of the Seas - Unleash the Depths:

Dive into an enchanting adventure with new races, wizards, and heroes, exploring the mystical seas of Arcanus. The Scourgers, once fearsome orcs turned spectral pirates, are ready to bring mayhem and conquest to your gameplay. Discover new lands, face monstrous bosses, and harness the power of the sea with unique buildings and units.

And That's Not All! A completely free upgrade will be coming alongside the DLC:

In conjunction with the DLC, a complimentary update will be released.

It will include:

  • Engaging water combat visuals - rafts for units without swim

  • Breakdown of a town's production incomes

  • In construction manager, Ability to queue items that require prerequisites

  • UI button to show resource icons on map

  • Diplomatic and AI improvements such as:

  1. Improved AI city defenses and how to manage units

  2. Spell of Mastery will be more attractive for AI to use

  3. Implement visual feedback within treaty requests and conversations after diplomatic actions. Also, integrate diplomatic trade into the relationship, reflecting the impact of a trade and changes to the trade evaluation. Furthermore, consider Fear and Relationship as factors influencing trade acceptance, affecting the potential acceptance of a tribute or an unfavorable trade. Added visual improvements to depict the current status of a relationship with the AI.

  4. Fixed AI town danger rank estimation scale even in peace or panic mode issues and AI relationship changes to prevent unilateral overrides and data loss.

  5. A Few Changes to AI: traverse water including fixes to transport settlers targeting oversea locations; now towns should have sensible armies defense appropriate to AIs current production ability. AI will be open for more diplomatic efforts and less war trigger

  6. Improving Treaty evaluation and relying on relationship as gain from the treaty is beneficial regardless of the situation

Don’t miss it! DasTactic will be playing the game on SlitherineTV Twitch Channel Today at 4:30 PM UK time.


The new DLC for the game means that older save games will no longer work.

The scale of the improvements that we have done to implement and create the new DLC for the game means that older save games will no longer work.

But don’t worry, there is a solution! You can use the legacy Steam Branch to play those save games. To access the legacy branch, right click Master of Magic in your steam library list, select Properties, then select Betas. In the Beta Participation section,  choose "legacy - v1.06.45' in the drop down menu. This will install the legacy build that will allow you to continue with your save games.


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