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Master of Magic: Scourge of the Seas - Queen Xar’xla

Published on February 01, 2024

As the Supreme Hive Queen, her destiny takes an unexpected turn when she discovers her latent magical abilities and sets her sights on becoming a formidable Wizard.

Xar’xla's reign over millions of klackons was already written in the stars, but her magical potential elevated her destiny to new heights. Fueled by the power of the master hive, Xar’xla embarked on a daring quest to join the ranks of the supreme Wizards in the great contest.

We are one, so shall you be when we are victorious

As the source of Xar’xla's strength, the master hive empowers her magical endeavors, making her a force to be reckoned with. The hive's influence extends far and wide, aiding Xar’xla in her quest for magical supremacy.

Xar’xla's vision transcends traditional rule; she aspires to gather other arcane users as her royal hive. With the conviction that unity will lead to victory, she seeks to bring fellow Wizards under her command, forming a collective force that will shape the fate of the magical realms.

Xar’xla views resistance to her rule as a mere nuisance, a minor inconvenience on her path to domination. The hive mind she commands ensures unwavering loyalty from her klackon subjects, leaving little room for those who dare oppose her.

This chilling proclamation from Queen Xar’xla encapsulates her unwavering determination and the unity she envisions. As she rises to power, she brings forth a vision of a collective triumph where individuality fades in the face of a greater, shared destiny.

Queen Xar’xla, the Supreme Hive Queen, introduces a unique blend of hive governance and magical ambition to the Master of Magic universe. Her journey from hive ruler to arcane sovereign adds a new layer of complexity to the great contest. As she seeks to unite arcane users under her banner, players will navigate a path filled with mystical challenges, loyalty tests, and the inexorable march towards a shared destiny. Brace yourselves for the rise of Queen Xar’xla, a force that transcends the boundaries of traditional rulership and magical prowess in Master of Magic: Scourge of the Sea.


Hive Master: establishes a link with the klackon collective, enhancing efficiency and providing game-changing bonuses. Additionally, this trait enables the Wizard to commence the game with the hero Ph’ym The Philomath.



In the mystical realms of Master of Magic, Queen Xar’xla's indomitable spirit and magical prowess shall shape an era where the boundaries of tradition and power are redefined. Embrace the impending rise of a force that will forever alter the destiny of the enchanted realms.

A completely free upgrade will be coming alongside the DLC

This update features enhanced water combat visuals, the addition of rafts for non-swimming units, a breakdown of a town's production incomes, the ability to queue items with prerequisites in the construction manager, a UI button for displaying resource icons on the map, and various improvements to diplomatic and AI aspects.


The scale of the improvements that we have done to implement and create the new DLC for the game means that older save games will no longer work.

But don’t worry, there is a solution!

You can use the legacy Steam Branch to play those save games. To access the legacy branch, right click Master of Magic in your steam library list, select Properties, then select Betas. In the Beta Participation section, choose "legacy - v1.06.45' in the drop down menu. This will install the legacy build that will allow you to continue with your save games.

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