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Next? Slitherine

Published on November 18, 2022

Two newsletters

Some of you may have received two newsletters today. If you are subscribed to both Matrix Games and Slitherine newsfeeds, you are in for a treat. On the serious wargaming side, we have just released Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm. After over nine years of development On Target Simulations has finished working on their masterpiece: this is a solid contender for wargame of the year, if not of the decade, so make sure you check it out. Robert Crandall and his team wrote an open letter to their players, and I urge you to read it: it’s a perfect way to feel the passion and dedication of this group of people who have become an inspiration for thousands of players around the world.

On the Slitherine side, we are announcing a date and time for our upcoming live event. It’s called Slitherine Next, but it’s a spiritual successor of our Home of Wargamers events. It’s happening in December, and it’s going to be another moment when we can show you the games, chat with developers, and announce future projects. We want players who are not necessarily wargamers to feel comfortable watching something that’s entirely dedicated to our mainstream strategy products

Slitherine Next

In this format, you’ll see a little bit of Nintendo Direct, some Playstation’s State of Play, and a pinch of all other announcements streams you are used to as gamers. Nevertheless, we wanted to keep it absolutely Slitherine. So we’re going live, unfiltered and unabridged. No pre-recorded segments and a lot more interaction with the players. A lot more questions and answers, a lot more celebration of our incredible community. Something that is truly live and somehow less safe and secure. 

This is what we want to keep pushing for: an open, frank relationship with our players, and top-notch content that you all want to read, watch, comment on, and play. You just have to save the date and show up: we’ll take care of everything else.

While waiting for December 13th, you have plenty of time for a few Flashpoint Campaigns Southern Storm games.

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