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Panzer Corps 2: A free scenario is now available

Published on December 11, 2023

Greetings to our Panzer Corps 2 Community,

While we are thrilled to celebrate the launch of a project as large and expansive as Axis Operations 1946, this is by far the biggest single content drop we have ever had since the original launch of Panzer Corps 2 way back in early 2020, but we cannot help but realize we dropped the ball on its deployment to you, our players.

Some of our players ran into serious, game-breaking problems with 1946 when it released. Since then, we've taken every possible step to resolve these issues ASAP, and they are now fully resolved to the best of our knowledge.

We fully accept your criticisms as they are well deserved and serve as a lesson to us that we really must do better. Thanks for your continued interest and support; it helps us to improve and gives us powerful motivation to more diligently utilize our time and energy in the ongoing work surrounding Panzer Corps 2. To disappoint so many players is extra heartbreaking for us, because of the literal hundreds if not thousands of man-hours of effort that has been poured into making 1946 possible. Still, we would like to use this opportunity to once again apologize for these issues and say thank you for your patience and support.

But we know that words alone are also pretty hollow, so as part of that apology, we also have a little gift for you to enjoy.

Thank you for calling us out on our failures and for continuing to show your passion and support to prove that you really care about our game by expressing your frustrating when it’s unacceptably broken.

Many thousands of you have embarked on the new Axis Operations 1946 campaign, and we’re absolutely humbled by so many gamers playing our little WW2 strategy game! Thank you.

Now then, on to our announcement:


As part of our apology and to show our thanks to our players, we have a very special treat for you to enjoy this holiday season. 

We’re rolling out one very special, very humongous solo scenario that will be free for all owners of any edition of Panzer Corps 2 to play and enjoy!

Installation instructions can be found at the very bottom of this post.

Set in 1947, the new scenario, Escape to New York, gives you command of American forces struggling to survive the Axis invasion of the United States. For those of you who really like your gigantic scenarios, this one is definitely for you. There are over 500 units participating in this battle, not counting additional waves of Axis reinforcements that will also attempt to block your forces from reaching your ultimate goal of New York! The map size is over 2000 hexes!

This is the ultimate battle of 1946 era equipment, with Atomic Bombers, Landkreuzers, E-Series tanks, and advanced American tanks and aircraft on full display. And it is our holiday gift to all owners of Panzer Corps 2 to enjoy for free as a solo scenario! We hope you enjoy this behemoth scenario, and we can’t wait to show you what is coming up for Panzer Corps 2 in 2024!

Escape to New York manual installation instructions:

To get this scenario into your hands as quickly as possible, and also as CLEANLY as possible, we’re going to hold off on adding this scenario to the game via a patch for now. We certainly don’t want to clog the patch pipeline that is vitally needed to deploy critical hot fixes and bug fixes, so if you would like to play this mega scenario before it is officially integrated into the game in a future patch, follow these simple instructions for more Panzer Corps 2 gameplay fun!

1. Download this zip file.


2. Extract the 4 scenario files found inside to this directory location:

[Documents]\My Games\Panzer Corps 2\Scenarios

Note, that in the following example image 'smoke' is just my PC name, your user name will be unique.

3. You can now launch the scenario through the custom scenario interface:

4. Enjoy!

And if you have any feedback on this mega scenario, we would love to hear from you, and perhaps we can even fine tune and improve the scenario even more before it is officially integrated as part of the base Panzer Corps 2 game.

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