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Panzer Corps 2: Frontlines - Bulge is out now

Published on March 21, 2024

Panzer Corps 2: Frontlines - Bulge is out now

Hello Generals,

The first DLC from the Frontlines series is out now

Prepare to dive into an immersive battlefield set amidst the historical backdrop of the epic Battle of the Bulge, commencing just days before the pivotal date of December 16th, 1944.


Key Features:

  • Experience the Battle of the Bulge within a more zoomed-in scale, featuring the famous Siege of Bastogne
  • Unique Campaign Structure divided into smaller battles for detailed, focused gameplay.
  • Allied airpower is restricted for a few turns due to adverse weather conditions.
  • Earn heroes and extra units as rewards.
  • Tailor the experience by selecting easier or more challenging battles.
  • Enjoy a balanced gaming experience with rewards and scenario selection.
  • Adapt difficulty to individual skill levels and preferences.

Download it now!

And if you haven't had the chance to play the game yet, now is the moment: Panzer Corps 2 and the Axis Operations series will be on a special discount on Steam, hurry up and get your copy.

Make sure not to miss DasTactic playing the game on the Slitherine Twitch channel today at 16:30 UK time

To celebrate the release of Panzer Corps 2: Frontlines - Bulge, we are excited to announce a new Chess Maps Tournament which will feature the 3 multiplayer chess maps.

You can sign-up here from tomorrow.

The tournament follows Swiss Tournament rules: you can find the full list of rules here.

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