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Panzer Corps 2: New Chess Maps Update Announcement

Published on May 08, 2024

Hello Generals,

We are thrilled to announce the release of 5 new Chess Maps for Panzer Corps 2 coming on May 30th.


Chess Maps for Panzer Corps 2 are essentially quick-to-play Multiplayer maps. Players could also play them alone if they wish, so vs. themselves in Hotseat Mode. Chess maps are kept intentionally small for faster playthroughs. Their maximum size is 10x10 playable hexes, which also results in a limited number of units present. Since chess maps are Multiplayer maps, balance is highly important. Therefore map layouts are meant to be symmetric, so that each side has equal options to move, and victory hexes are symmetrically distributed across the map.

For balance reasons units given to each side need to be equal in their capabilities and combat power - like chess pieces. As Panzer Corps 2 units vary to a degree between player nations minor imbalances may occur though. In Multiplayer tournaments with paired games this is irrelevant though.

Beyond that there is room for variation, so whether chess maps may have an explicit deployment stage, allow core units, rebuy, reinforce etc. is up to the designer for each map. Any special settings should be clearly communicated in the briefings.

What will include the new update?

This update will include 5 new chess maps:

  1. Mountain King: Spanish Republicans and Nationalists struggle for control of a vital mountain road in 1938
  2. Trench Slog: German and French troops clash along a fortified front line in spring 1940
  3. Desert Rally: British and Italian forces battle for control of several desert villages in North Africa in early 1941.
  4. Ice Warriors: In harsh winter weather Soviet and German forces aim to take small towns and villages in an area parted by a central, frozen river, which allows for quick river crossings.                                                                                 
  5. River Warriors: The summer version of the Ice Warriors map above. The main difference is of course that the river poses now a major obstacle which players have to overcome


See you on May 30th!


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