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Panzer Corps 2 - Progress Update & AAR

Published on November 28, 2019

It’s been a while since we last spoke about Panzer Corps 2, so we’d like to give you an update on how the game’s development is progressing. We know you are starved for news and can’t wait to hear when the game will be coming out.

Panzer Corps 2 won’t be ready to release before the end of 2019. We are not far away now: the single player campaign has been completed, as are almost all of the in-game assets. We are currently in the testing and balancing stage.

It is going to be a huge game, with over 1000 different units, over 60 scenarios in the single player campaign, a Skirmish mode with randomly generated maps, additional gameplay modes like the tactical challenges and a full-fledged Scenario Editor.

As you can imagine, it is quite a task to make sure that everything is at full strength. Panzer Corps is our passion and our pride: given a choice between releasing the game early or spending a few more months polishing everything up, we chose the latter option.

We want to make Panzer Corps 2 the king of wargames, and to do so we needed a bit more time. We promise the wait will be worth it!


In the meantime, we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what the game will be played like. Kerensky, a very familiar name in the Panzer Corps community, has been testing the latest beta version, and he wrote an AAR for it.

We hope you’ll enjoy it! You can read the AAR here.

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