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Panzer Corps 2 - World Championship Round 2 Update

Published on October 13, 2021

The Panzer Corps 2 - World Championship moves into the second round today and the opening battle for the top of the leader board has been won by Kleko11, whose score of 2891 comfortably places them in the top spot.

Leader Board - Round 1
1) kleko11    2891
2) nutoha     2771
3) tkrysiak    2676
4) Folklore    2606
5) Bobkg      2584

However, everything is still to play for as we move forward on to our next map: El Alamein. As high scoring players are placed against each other, can we expect the end of the second round to change everything at top?

Only time will tell.


Tournament Scoring Update

We're aware that there has been some confusion and discussion on how the scoring works in the tournament scenarios. We would like to apologize for the lack of communication from our part, but we've listened to your feedback and we're working towards improving the system.
Unfortunately, we haven't been able get a patch out in time to make significant changes to how scoring works for the upcoming Round 2, but we'll have an update out before Round 3 starts to allow us to address some of the well vocalized issues.

In the meantime, shedding some light on how scoring works on the scenario in Round 2 might be helpful for all players. The score in this round is calculated as follows: 

Each player gets 25 points at the beginning of each of their turns for every Victory Hex under their control. 

They will also get additional points for destroying enemy units (the exact number of points is equal to unit slot cost of the unit destroyed). 

You can view your score and your opponent's score at any time, by moving mouse cursor over one of player icons in the top-right corner of the in-battle screen. Note that the scores are only updated when the turn is ended.

You can also view the scores, at any time, from the Tournaments page on our website.

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