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Scramble: Battle of Britain - Flight School, Episode #2

Published on March 14, 2024

Dogfights are by their very nature chaotic and unpredictable. Pilots are competing for advantage with their lives at stake. They must execute complex maneuvers with split-second timing to gain a tactical advantage over deadly opponents. Aircraft fly at high speed in close proximity and an understanding of the entire airpace is essential - one wrong move could be fatal.


Scramble simplifies the chaos of a dogfight into short, digestible chunks of action. Maneuvers that can be disorienting in a real-time flight game progress at a pace you can understand. The turn-based design of Scramble ensures you will never lose sight of a target and that you always have a chance to check your six; Scramble helps with the Observe and Orient steps of the OODA loop, and aces will be made of the tacticians who Decide and Act with the most proficiency.



The Scramble planning phase gives you all the tools you need to analyze and plan maneuvers for every aircraft under your control. The flight path of each aircraft is predicted with a 3D ribbon, and uncertainty in enemy action is rendered as dashed graphics. Scramble provides firing aids for lining up shots, a targeting feature for querying the strengths and vulnerabilities of each enemy aircraft, a diorama-style tactical mode for assessing the whole sky at a glance, and graphics to warn of potential stresses to your pilot and aircraft. 



Players set the precise controls for each individual aircraft under their control, and special defensive actions like escaping the dogfight and bailing from a plane can be commanded to salvage machine or pilot.



In the Simulation phase we strip away the UI and let you position your camera however you want to see your tactics resolve at full speed in our detailed physics engine. The Scramble simulation plays through in real-time and major events like system failures and kills are logged to ensure you never miss an important moment. 



Scramble turns can progress one after another from Planning to Simulation and back to Planning, but players can also access Review phase on demand to scrub forward and backwards, frame by frame, through any turn of a Scramble match. 



The Scramble Review phase presents an event log to help you find key moments, it allows you to loop and pause turn replays at will to analyze your performance, and it grants you access to our suite of cinematic tools for capturing and sharing stills, gifs, and videos of your favorite moments. 



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