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Sengoku Jidai 1.28 patch!

Published on July 04, 2016

Last but not least, a much requested feature: a completely reworked terrain graphical style to add more variety to your maps!


You can download the patch here!


1.2.8 Changelog:

  1. Added option to use green terrain tiles. (See Options > Advanced Options)
  2. Corrected position of Battle of Chiksan on Imjin War maps.
  3. AI improvements:
    1. Made advancing AI cavalry and light troops on wings turn in against flank of enemy army sooner.
    2. Made held-back cavalry wings advance closer to in line with infantry. (Stopped them from being held back too long or charging ahead too soon).
    3. Made Japanese cavalry in centre less likely to rush ahead of infantry. However, they also will not stay so far back behind the infantry.
    4. Made front line samurai less eager to outdistance their medium foot ashigaru.
    5. Stopped light troops from charging ahead of rest of army inappropriately.
    6. In campaign battles, an AI army which deems it unwise to advance will no longer do so after an arbitrary time delay if it is the defender. (Note, this does not necessarily mean the side that owns the province – it means the side whose field army was in the province first).
  4. Corrected bug that could sometimes cause AI units to become stuck and not move at all when near terrain they don’t like.
  5. Made combat capability icons show correctly for Japanese side in Genko campaign
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