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Spanish Civil War is available now for all owners of the Field Marshal Edition of Panzer Corps 2

Published on July 09, 2020

All players who own the Field Marshal Edition of Panzer Corps 2 are now able to update the game through the updater on the Slitherine launcher and download the first DLC, Spanish Civil War.

Spanish Civil War is the first DLC in the Axis Operations series, an ambitious series of linked DLCs representing the entirety of World War II from the perspective of the Wehrmacht.

Command the German expeditionary force to Spain and fight alongside your Nationalist allies in a series of 16 scenarios. 

For everyone else the DLC will be released next week, on July 16th.

If you own the Field Marshal Edition of Panzer Corps 2, you will be able to update your version of Panzer Corps 2 by running the launcher for the game and run the automatic updater. The DLC and the accompanying patch will then be downloaded and installed.


Important: unfortunately we have run a bit late with localizations. Localization in languages other than English are incomplete and might have unlocalized strings. We apologize for the problem and we acknowledge it is our fault. We are working to complete them as quickly as we can, and it should be a matter of days before they are fixed.


The DLC is accompanied by a patch, Patch 1.1.4.

v1.1.4 Changelog:
- Unit plates now display new markers for heroes and medals
- Added an option to toggle hex markers (victory hex, secondary objective and supply hex), and a corresponding hotkey (Shift+H)
- Loading screen now shows loading progress (by background gradually transitioning from dark to normal)
- Added three final tactical advisor clips to Tutorial Section
- Added russian and chinese localizations for Spanish campaign
- Various minor tweaks and fixes
- Added 54 camo skins and new colours for Field Marshal Edition and General Edition owners
- Added 9 camo skins for all players

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