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Stargate: Timekeepers - Patch Notes - 1.00.25

Published on February 20, 2024

Hi everyone,

First of all we would like to thank all the fans who have supported the launch of Stargate: Timekeepers Season 1 Part 1.

The team has been working relentlessy to deliver you the best possible gaming experience and please let us know what you think of the list of changes. Your feedback is essential to keep improving the game.

(Pre-production concept image)

The new update includes many improvements and fixes across all areas of the game. Here below the detailed changelog is available for you:

General fixes

  • Tactical Mode should now execute properly on Alternative Controls
  • Achievement involving opportunities should be unlockable now (If you are sure that you discovered all opportunities, click on opportunity in Mission 1 again)
  • In specific cases resolution will be set to native one to prevent bug with vertical resolution from happening

Characters and enemies behavior

  • Sam should not be detectable anymore when opening ammo boxes in disguise
  • Fixed issue when disguise was not loading again after saving in Drop Disguise sphere
  • Enemies will not lock themselves in body examining state; they will not behave weird when body is in unreachable place
  • Fixed situation in which enemy distracted by player was not continuing his patrol

Fixes in missions

  • Fixed an issue in which Mission 3 sometimes could not load properly after disguising Sam as Svirda
  • Disabled clicking on wheel in Mission 3 when Max isn't on second vantage point that mission
  • Minimap on Mission 7 will now display properly after load
  • Mission 6 teleporter opportunity is now behaving properly; clipping through rings was removed

Technical fixes

  • Optimisation of save game icons
  • Fixes in ragdoll
  • Polishing animations
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