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Stargate: Timekeepers - Slitherine Next Showcase

Published on July 28, 2023

Resistance is not futile

In yesterday’s Stargate: Timekeepers stream, the Slitherine development team showcased a host of exciting gameplay features and mechanics, including an in-depth playthrough. Episode 2, “The Resistance”, sees Commander Eva McCain and her team escort a convoy of supplies to the Hak’tyl resistance. Opportunities allow a player to interact with game world objects to eliminate enemies, while players can choose which path to take to complete the mission successfully, thanks to the mission’s branching design. Different types of enemies, from standard to armored ones, as well as the Tactical Mode, which allows for actions to unfold simultaneously, were also shown during the stream.

If you missed the stream, rewatch it here:

Putting the spotlight on

Characters take center stage in Stargate: Timekeepers, each featuring a unique skill set to be used to overcome obstacles, foes, and in-game puzzles. Each episode in the real-time tactics game needs careful planning and expert use of skills, with the player likely requiring more stealth than guns blazing. 

Following the unique promise of an infinite amount of science-fiction worlds, Stargate: Timekeepers features a host of different environments for each of its 14 series episodes, each painstakingly crafted, from the lush jungles of The Resistance mission to the snowy highlands of the Crossfire mission. 

Everything in a Season

As one of the reveals in today’s stream, Stargate: Timekeepers will be divided into two parts, Season 1 Part 1 and Season 1 Part 2, with each segment containing 7 episodes. Each individual episode is a full single-player mission. Players will not have to worry about getting the game a second time: buying Stargate: Timekeepers once will get them full access to all the episodes in this first Season. 

All Are Heroes (Box)

In “The Resistance” episode, the hardy Commander Eva McCain is to venture to Omega Site and escort critical supplies to Jaffa resistance fighters. A Resistance scout, A’ta, will join McCain and her team. Enemies have been sighted, and the skill set of both characters will prove vital in overcoming obstacles on the way. For instance, the military background of McCain lets her have increased HP and armor, but also the ability to take down foes silently at close range. A’ta is nimble and can use her athleticism in the field by jumping further, spotting enemies from afar, and climbing without equipment. 

Beta Open Now

Stargate: Timekeepers is opening its doors to fans and eager players with the reveal of the upcoming beta, available today. Anyone interested in diving deeper into the world of SG-1, don’t hesitate to visit the dedicated Discord channel to meet up with like-minded Stargate Command players.

Join the beta here.


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