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Starship Troopers - Terran Command || Watch the gameplay reveal

Published on February 03, 2021

Yesterday was a very important day for Starship Troopers - Terran Command.

First off, we showed you brand new gameplay clips and told you more about the game, live on Twitch, YouTube, and other streaming sites. We were looking forward to that, and we knew you had been waiting for it. Development has been progressing, and we hope it showed.

In case you missed our live stream, we’ve uploaded it on YouTube, and you can watch it here.



Secondly, we've opened recruitment for our beta.

We are in need of players willing to help us test the game, so that we can kill -all- the bugs.

Please note three things:

- Signing up for the beta does not guarantee you’ll be able to get in. We will make a selection and pick our testers out of all those who applied;
- If you participate in the beta, you will be placed under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). It means that you won't be able to show or tell anyone about the game version you're testing. You won't be allowed to stream it, either.
- The first beta testing phase in which we will use external testers will start in a month or two. If you don't receive a reply immediately, don't despair: you might still be selected.

You can sign-up here.


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