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Stirring Abyss is out now

Published on October 29, 2020

Stirring Abyss, the first indie game published under our K-Project program, is out now. Loosely based on Lovecraft's short novel The Temple, Stirring Abyss is the story of a submarine crew which bogs down at the bottom of the Ocean during the Cold War. They are forced to explore the bottom of a sea where unspeakable horrors and tentacled abominations run rampant.

Stirring Abyss releases with a 15% week-long launch discount: check it out and Cthulhu-up your Halloween weekend.

Stirring Abyss comes with 13 Story missions plus side quests, along with a roguelike Endless Mode. The game features 4 difficulty levels, from Narrative mode, for players who are more interested in story and exploration, to Hard, which will test even the most experienced players.


"A capable indie strategy title that does more with its Lovecraftian setting than most similar games of the past decade" - Gamewatcher

"Stirring Abyss is good. It is close enough to the formula set out by XCOM 2 that if you like XCOM 2 you will probably enjoy it, but it also does a great job distinguishing itself, serving as a tight, focused tactical turn based RPG that provides a lot of enjoyable gameplay in its relatively short play time. I greatly enjoyed my time playing it and was really happy that I got an opportunity to play it. Definitely worth checking out." - Turn Based Lovers

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