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Stirring Abyss Skills and Items Sneak Peek

Published on October 23, 2020

Stirring Abyss hasn’t got long to go as we gear up for the release on the 29th of October. Before that happens, let’s have a sneak peek into some of the exciting skills and items you can obtain and use in the game. Careful item and skill use will be the cornerstone of any survival strategy in Stirring Abyss. Here are some of our favourites.


Outnumbered? Maybe. Outmatched? Never. Strike several different targets in melee range with blistering speed.

Not insane, just... creative. Sets off an improvised shaped charge, dealing damage in a cone in front of the Chemist. Damage falls off with increased distance to the target.

Fire a projectile filled with explosives, dealing a small amount of damage to the initial target. The cluster bombs attached to the spear then break off and deal heavy damage to the initial target and to all targets adjacent to it.


Always ready to rock. Launches an improvised Test Charge that disturbs the silt of the ocean floor, resulting in a cloud of sand which offers cover from ranged attacks and increased Defence Rating to friendly units standing inside it.

Shrapnel Charge
Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective and military grade explosives are certainly both simple and effective.

There are tons more skills and items to use in Stirring Abyss, from arcane dark arts to automated defences. Even humble flares will be a limited and precious resource in the depths of the ocean. We hope you are looking forward to getting hands on with everything Stirring Abyss has to offer when it arrives next week on the 29th.

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