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Strategic Command World War I Developer Diary 1 - Deployment Phase

Published on November 07, 2019

Welcome to this first Strategic Command WWI Dev Diary, covering the Deployment Phase, its basics and dynamics.

Stay tuned and check out SC WWI Product page for further information!


In August 1914, the first of the 20th century’s great conflicts began, with Germany and Austria-Hungary on one side against Serbia, France and Russia on the other. Soon more countries would enter the war including Belgium, the UK and the Ottoman Empire before the end of 1914, the Italians in 1915, followed by Bulgarians, Romanians and even the USA all before the end of 1917.

With so many active fronts all at once, including 3 main fronts at the start of hostilities, an optimal balance and deployment of troops was essential towards victory for either of the Entente or Central Powers sides.

Eastern Front

Southern Front

Western Front

Strategic Deployments

While the main German strategy was to deliver a quick and decisive blow to the French in the first six weeks of the war, followed by a quick transfer east to do the same on the Russian front, players will have the option to alter some initial and critical deployments via the Deployment Phase in order to possibly re-write history for the Central Powers side.

The Deployment Phase feature will prompt players to place these units at their preferred map locations, prior to game start, and these units will then immediately be ready and active for combat on the very first turn of the game.

Deployment Phase

Crucial First Moves

The fluidity of territorial exchange on the Eastern Front, versus the eventual static nature of the war on the Western Front has highlighted, with hindsight, that the decisions made in the first few months of the war by the Central Powers, were absolutely critical to the eventual outcome of the war.

Had the German General Staff maintained ideal ratios for a decisively successful Schlieffen Plan through Belgium and into France, or had the Austro-Hungarians not been forced to split their forces between Serbia and Russia, the outcome may indeed have been different.

The use of the Deployment Phase, as well as several in game DECISIONS on various troop deployments, will give players the chance to test the different strategic military decisions that the commanders of the day similarly faced in the early days of the war.

Strategic Command World War I, through a combination of tactical and strategic gameplay, presents players, all within the first few turns of the game, the opportunity and excitement to fully understand the crucial early decisions necessary to win World War I.


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