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Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance Free Update Available Now

Published on June 12, 2024

We're thrilled to announce the latest update for Terminator: Dark Fate - Defiance. 
This update brings an exciting new mission to the single-player campaign and a host of improvements and additions to enhance the gameplay experience.

New Single-Player Mission: Mount Taylor

After the intense events at Fort Worth, your next mission awaits. The Ranger commander has tracked Blair to Mount Taylor, and you’re tasked with capturing him. Stevens invites you to embark on this mission secretly to uncover Legion's plans.

  • Kondo's Side Quest: You will discover that, if Kondo was a member of your garrison, he vanished and left a letter indicating that Charlie, his wife, might still be alive and being imprisoned at the Legion base on Mount Taylor. Now, it's your task to save her.

  • Discover Dark Secrets: During the mission, you'll uncover dark secrets about the fate of captured survivors and encounter a new, unsettling threat from the Legion.

  • Rescue and Liberation: Your primary objectives are to uncover Blair's whereabouts and save those in peril. If you choose to follow Kondo's lead, rescuing Charlie also becomes a crucial part of your mission.


Other main improvements

In addition to the new campaign mission and two related achievements, the update includes:

  • New Store Items: Smoke grenade launchers for Abrams tanks and some Movement vehicles, vehicle upgrades to reduce fuel and supply consumption, and an adjusted assortment in many stores.

  • New Skirmish and Multiplayer Map.

  • Custom Difficulty Level: Customize aspects such as unit damage, supply consumption, Active pause prohibition, and Ironman mode.

  • Free Camera Option: Now available in the Game options tab.


Changelog: v1.04.984

  • Mount Taylor - the new campaign mission. It becomes available after the Fort Worth mission (you can use Fort Worth mission completion autosave to unlock it);

  • Two new achievements related to the new mission;

  • New items in stores: smoke grenade launchers for Abrams tank and some Movement vehicles, upgrades for vehicles that reduce fuel consumption on missions and supply consumption on the strategic map;

  • The assortment of all stores has been adjusted;

  • Added Custom difficulty level, which can be selected when starting a new campaign. You can customize many aspects of the campaign for yourself: from unit damage and supply consumption to the prohibiting of Active pause and turning on Ironman mode;

  • "Free camera" option (available on the Game option tab). Warning: Using a free camera at certain angles can significantly reduce the number of FPS;

  • Added the ability to invite friends to a multiplayer game via Steam;

  • Added two new skirmish missions: Interchange and Mount Tailor (Domination);

  • Added Mount Taylor multiplayer map (Domination 1vs1 and 2vs2);

  • Some improvements have been made to the Interchange multiplayer map: issues with the path and some buildings have been fixed, player spawns have been changed in version 2vs2, environmental sounds have been added;

  • Deployment of weapons for units located inside buildings has been removed. Now soldiers will shoot immediately after moving to the desired firing position in buildings;

  • Deployment time for trailers that can shoot while attached has been significantly reduced;

  • In multiplayer, the ability has been added to choose the direction inside a building for squads or to disembark them in another building using the appropriate orders available when selecting a building with infantry inside (previously did not work for clients);

  • Fixed an issue with the helicopter freezing due to an attempt to disembark passengers before the helicopter has fully landed;

  • Fixed a bug with Himars shooting, when instead of opening fire it started moving forward;

  • Fixed a bug with disappearing ATGMs in multiplayer;

  • Minor UI fixes;

  • Fixed several rare random crashes;

  • Fixed bugs with shooting from the loopholes of the passenger trailer in multiplayer;

  • Fixed a bug due to which animations of vehicle doors were not played on the client.

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